RPZ Valves / Backflow Devices

Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) valve or device is a type of backflow prevention mechanism. Its purpose is to protect your water supply from contamination or pollution by preventing dirty water from reentering your personal water supply or the city’s water supply. These devices are also known as reduced pressure principle (RP), reduced pressure principle backflow prevention device, reduced pressure zone assemblies (RPZA), or a reduced pressure principle assembly (RPPA). The plumbing professionals at Service Now Home Services provide a full range of services to fix, maintain, or install the right RPZ valve for your commercial or residential property. We offer our services in DeKalb, Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, Aurora, Winfield, Wheaton, West Chicago, and more!

Commercial Property Applications

RPZ valves are standard on commercial properties including apartment buildings and condominiums because they provide a higher level of protection against pollutants and toxins then single-family homes. They are necessary for homes or buildings with irrigation systems, fire suppression systems, or a large boiler system. For irrigation systems, contaminants in fertilizer and pesticides sprayed on lawns can be an issue. For buildings with a boiler or fire suppression system, water gets trapped in these systems and can result in bacteria and mineral buildup within the piping system. Backflow devices like RPZ valves are meant to prevent back-siphonage and back pressure of contaminated water back into the potable water supply, especially when a potential health hazard exists like in the case of sewage water.

Residential Property Applications

However, RPZ valves are usable for any type of plumbing or water system that needs backflow prevention, not just irrigation or large-scale systems. The following circumstances would require a need for a backflow prevention device:

  • Water leak in the house
  • House water service break
  • City water mainline service break
  • Hydrant flushing
  • Hydrant usage due to a nearby fire

When any of these situations happen, the water pressure in the house can drop lower than the water pressure throughout the system. Then, water from the systems can back up into the drinking water supply. The next time you or possibly your neighbor turns on the faucet for a drink of water, that water could now potentially contain contaminants. Even minor fluctuations from the city’s water supply can create an uneven pattern of water use from one neighborhood to the next, resulting in a drop of pressure big enough to cause backflow and therefore contaminated water.

A residential RPZ valve or other backflow device presents these problems from occurring. Only a licensed plumber in the state of Illinois can test and properly inspect your RPZ valve and ensure it is in working order. You’re supposed to have your RPZ valves checked once a year. With a wide variety of sizes, price ranges, and product features available, the plumbing experts at Service Now Home Services can help you fix, maintain, or install any RPZ valve for you—whether it’s residential or commercial. Contact us today.