Covid-19 - Our Commitment to Health & Safety

A Declaration of Our Commitment to the Health & Safety of Our Clients, Our Employees and the World at Large.
These are unprecedented times and they call for unprecedented judgment and decision-making.


As a company providing essential services during these times, we feel a tremendous commitment to the health and safety of our clients and employees.


We are committed to staying up to date with the latest news surrounding the Coronavirus and following the latest guidelines and best practices outlined by the CDC and WHO.


For our clients:


We will practice all available measures to keep you and your family safe during any visit we have in your home or business. Gloves, masks, foot coverings and social distancing is our new normal throughout the company. We also have become down-right competitive with the handwashing and sanitizer use.


For our employees:


We promise to secure all available resources at any cost to protect you and our clients from this virus. We promise to advance as the information advances throughout this ordeal, following closely the protocol set up by the CDC and WHO, the true and trusted authorities on this topic.


We will continue to secure gloves, masks, foot coverings and sanitizer as they become available. We will also limit employee to client contact to the absolute minimum.


Estimates and communications with clients will be done through phone calls or texts and transactions can be done by phone or email or simply by leaving an envelope with payment attached to the fridge.


In Summary:


We’re all going to be spending a lot more time in our homes over the next month or two or more.


We want to let you know we are ready and available 24/7 during this time to help with any HVAC, plumbing or electrical issues.


A comfortable home is going to be paramount in these trying times. We are here to help make that possible while offering you the assurance we will always have your health and safety first and foremost in our operations.


Mark & Chris Carpenter & the Service Now Home Services Team