“We moved our business to an older building in Rochelle, IL. Our office bathrooms needed a lot of plumbing work, and a new water heater. Your workers, led by Roger, came out and did a fantastic job. Before they did anything, Roger explained what needed to be done, and was very professional and honest. We have a free standing building on our property that was vacant for 6 years, that we are looking to rent out. Somehow this buildings water supply hooked up to the water in our main building. Roger and Walter came out spotted the source. For three days they worked on connecting the water, but with it left abandon for so long with no running water, and cold weather, pipes had sprung leaks. Roger explained and showed us the split pipes, and went ahead and fixed them. To get to one of the main leaks, they had to take out the plastic shower stall. Once that was fixed, we had to wait for the weather to get warmer, to turn on the water in the building. Roger then came, by himself, turned the heat on in the building, and then turned the water on, which was filled with brown gross sediment, because of no running water through the pipes for years. Once he got that muck blasted out of the pipes, he fixed the inside mechanism in our toilet so it would work. He then stayed later to put back, and caulk and seal, the shower stall. Roger went above and beyond to help us get this building ready. He is a valuable asset to your company, but more so, to your customers! We will definitely keep coming to you for plumbing work!”

– Anne R.